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About Us

About the Energy Practice

Enabling the growth of energy companies through technology requires an experienced partner. PEC takes the time to understand your business goals and the challenges that may hinder your performance, and works with you to resolve those challenges.

We recognize that emerging technologies, regulations and security concerns are driving complexity in the industry. Our “in the seat”, C-level experience across multiple industries enables PEC to help tackle your challenges with a quiet confidence and deliver the practical solutions you seek to innovate and grow.

In the seat – we have sat in the chair and done the job

C-Level – At the level of a CIO, CEO, CFO, CTO, etc


Help for businesses in the energy market:

Services when you need them

A Business Help desk for your company

Industry Experts on-time and on-point

Flexible arrangements

The look and feel of your company without having to hire

“In the seat experience”

Our Team

Wayne Viener
Managing Partner


Melissa Dubinsky, Ph.D.
Partner and Deliverables Manager


Ryan Whitford

Steve Freel


Tom Agonis
Global Practice Manager


Charles Sills
Director of Federal Sector